LinkedIn Master Strategies Workshop:

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Continental Breakfast & Hot Lunch Included.
(Vegetarian Options Available)

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LinkedIn is by far, the most-powerful, most-underutilized sales tool on the planet.
Mitch Comstock

Have you ever:

been to a class and learned nothing at all?

spent all day at a seminar and walked away with just 1 or 2 useful nuggets?

attended a class and walked away completely overwhelmed?

learned a lot from a lecture and done nothing with that information?

This workshop format is designed to eliminate all those things. You will experience both hours of useful instruction and also practical, hands-on workshops. This is a Do It As We Go! Workshop.

The goal is that at the end of the day you will have:

  • learned lots of great information about how to utilize LinkedIn
  • implemented most of the more difficult steps of Profile setup and optimization.
  • recieved feedback from peers
  • evaluation from a professional
  • have a new ongoing strategy for how you are going to utilize LinkedIn in the future.

At the end of other seminars:  you have work to do

At the end of this workshop: you will have work that is DONE.

I had the privilege of attending a LinkedIn education session with Mitch recently. In a 2-hour timeframe, Mitch showed me many of the little-known features of this social networking tool and helped me understand, in a simple but effective way, practical ways to build my business.
Kayla Barrett
Equipping leaders with practical solutions that make a positive difference

Kayla Barrett

This One Day LinkedIn Workshop Includes:

Guided Discussion Modules

  • Discover The Power of You
  • Improving Your First Impression
  • Maximizing Your Credibility
  • Optimizing Your Profile
  • Growing Your Ideal Network
  • Working For Your Network

Hands-On Group Sessions

  • Getting A Good Headshot
  • Developing A Great Title Headline
  • Building An Effective, Findable Summary
  • Finding The Right Leads
  • Sharing The Right Content
  • Maintaining A Warm Network

Recently, I was invited to attend a LinkedIn training session led by Mitch. I saw on the invitation that Mitch's main job is to be the CEO of his technical services company. When one thinks of a person who is very technical, the likely thought is that the person would not be very "social". After hearing from Mitch, I can now say that this is not always the case.

Mitch is not only technical, he is very relational. His personal understanding of how to "people" network is supercharged by social media. Mitch's training includes a simple walk through of what LinkedIn is but he doesn't leave it there. He continues by helping participants understand how to use this technology to find and nuture business relationships that can ultimately lead to landing a client.

I walked away from Mitch's training session feeling very energized because I have truly been resold on the marvelous results of using LinkedIn for business networking. I highly recommend Mitch to anyone who has a need to use LinkedIn to improve their results from networking
Lori Johnson
We're a marketing company. We love to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build brands that help them succeed.
Lori Johnson

    This workshop is for you if...

    You are an absolute LinkedIn Novice.

    You can identify a target profession as a great referral source.

    You aren't satisfied with the results you get from LinkedIn today.

    You are in outbound sales in any capacity.

    You are a hands-on learner.

    You are currently looking for work.

    You are involved in recruiting.

    You own your own business.

    You are involved in direct selling/network marketing.

    You have had some results with LinkedIn, but are ready to kick it up a notch.

    You are currently making a career change.

    You are a recent college grad.

    You think you don't have the time to spend online.

    At the end of the day you will walk away with:

    • A Professionally Optimized Profile that will allow you to be found on LinkedIn and make a great first impression on potential clients and employers.
    • Referrals For You to work on Monday morning.
      (Yes we will actually have you lining up referrals during the workshop.)
    • A current Professional-Quality Headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.
    • A New Tailor-Made Strategy For Using LinkedIn.
    • Weekly Leads being sent to your Mailbox.

    Mitch Comstock is a technologically-gifted communicator, which means he understands complicated things and can communicate them in easy-to-understand language. He's performed hundreds of seminars to over one thousand students on the Internet, Social Media and LinkedIn. You will appreciate his style, sense of humor and ability to help you understand the mystery of how LinkedIn holds the keys to helping you and your professional life grow.

    His students have:

    • Found recruits nationwide
    • Found jobs that they weren't looking for (with offers that they couldn't refuse)
    • Connected with key influencers within their profession
    • Found sales opportunities that they didn't know existed
    • Figured out how to maximize their time using simple-to-implement strategies

    In this hands-on workshop. He’ll share proven strategies on how to:

    • Reduce or completely eliminate sales cold-calls
    • Quickly identify and locate prospects, vendors and strategic partners
    • Make it easy for the right contacts to find you
    • Become a recognized expert in your industry
    • Build professional relationships locally and globally
    • Effectively and affordably market your products and services

    “I think that was the most informational meeting I've had in the past 2 years.”
    from a former VP of Sales at a Fortune 500 company.

    “You have revolutionized the way I do business. No MORE COLD CALLS. Thank you so much for making this so simple.”
    Small business owner

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