Have you ever had one of these problems?

Lost Data...

It can be just one file or it can be a catastrophic complete system data loss. Have you mourned over lost pictures or wept over lost email and contacts?

System Slowness... 

The computer that used to run fast just seems slow now... all the time. You don't remember it always being this way, but now its barely worth using. Have you ever used a tablet or phone to look something up because your computer was just too slow?

Malicious Software... 

It takes many forms but most of these programs today are looking for ways to get your money.    Are you annoyed by pop-ups? Does your browser direct you to sites you don't want to go to? Maybe the FBI is warning you that you are performing illegal activities.

High Repair Bills... 

Most companies have high diagnostic fees just to tell you if anything is wrong and then there are flat rate repairs that feel like you should just buy a new computer. Or even worse high hourly rates and problems that are going to take 5 hours to fix. Has it ever felt like it costs more to fix your PC than it would have to buy a new one?

We Can Help!

Sign up for our "What's the Deal?" maintenance program and get all the features below. 

Monitored Cloud Backup

Never lose data again.

Annual System Tune-Up

Keep your PC running fast.

Professional Anti-Virus

Keep your computer clean.

Deep Discounts

Save 30% on service

What's the Next Step?

There is a $150 setup fee which covers your first Tune-Up, Back-up and Installation.

After that it is just the $10 per month fee, with no contracts, no early termination fees, and no penalties. This is truly, come as you want and leave as you want. We believe in earning your business the first month and in continuing to earn your business after that.

Don't Hesitate

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